Vesh is Violeta's new brand of laundry gels. Vesh frees us from spending unnecessary attention on all those things that prevent us from enjoying life - because we know that there is a detergent that helps us to be what we want to be and live as we want in washing machine of our life. Simply, let us be washed by the colorful life, achievable with Vesh to everyone.

Let's be washed by Vesh !

"Dirty", unpredictable situations are a part of life, but with Vesh they become fun.


Vesh2Go - wet, separatly packaged wipes. An innovation that instantly removes stains.


With two textures- hard to treat stains on coarser fabrics such as denim, and smooth for application on fine fabrics.


Effective in emergencies and on common stains like coffee, make-up, chocolate or ketchup.

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Vesh Active gel with Odor Control technology is based on odor molecules that can eliminate up to 90% of unpleasant odors due to their specific properties.